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We provide network science centric analytic services for healthcare solutions.
Our infrastructure is capeable for operational research on complex networks and we enrich the information with artificial intelligance.
We embodied our service with the concept of Clinic 5.0 

Change of Paradigm 
Healthcare Infrastructure

During Covid-19, so many routines of modern life have been changed. According to this fact, healthcare practices are also redesigned by experts as an online process. Transforming the conventional processes to the online provides additional comfort and efficiency.

Now it’s time to elevate it with technology.

Cobsmind designed a mission called Clinic 5.0 according to this vision and designed a strategy for distributing the infrastructure and creating a broad interaction base between patient and expert.


• Increasing The Recovery
• Improving the Treatment
• Decreasing The Expert Interval
• Decrease The Readmission
• Track The Treatment
• Downgrade The Risk & Malpractice


• Clinical Decision Support System
• Mobile & Web Application Platform
• IoT Infrastructure
• Complex Network Analyses
• Machine Learning Models
• Deep Learning Models


• Collect Consented Data over Clinic No:1
• Conduct Research & Publications
• Design Clinical Process & Combine with Technology
• Generate Bussiness Critical Process
• Doing Market Research
• Expand the Business

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