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Clinic 5.0 Flow



There is an illustration below that explains the operational flow of Clinic 5.0. The operational flow starts with the patient that seeks a solution for a disorder. A patient should download the mobile app to their mobile phone to interact with the clinic 5.0 prognosis engine (CPE). CPE collects some data from patients, analyzes them, assigns some extra tasks, redirects to the relevant institution, and defines a prognosis. When prognosis has been defined, CPE askes the patient if the patient requires an easily accessible, efficient, and economical diagnosis service and connects it to a system (clinical 5.0 officer) expert. System experts conduct an online examination session, collect specific data according to the prognosis, and run the clinic 5.0 Diagnoses Engine CDE. CDE provides a diagnosis network, creates treatment plans according to several strategies, redirects to the nearest Clinic 5.0 Integrated Clinic, and sets an appointment. When the expert assigns the treatment, the treatment will be tracked over the patient app.