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Cobsmind has been established as the need for institutionalization of artificial technological studies, software technologies, and clinical research in operation since 2010.

We are a solution-providing and research company that has built business models and academic outcomes for healthcare specialists to create services and help patients since 2017.

Cobsmind aims to develop high-value solutions and generate organizations that introduce these products to the market by adding many eligible stakeholders and smart capital to its operations.

With the pandemic circumstances, we have started a new solution infrastructure called Clinic 5.0, a platform to interact with patients and experts.

Clinic 5.0 provides automated prgonese and diagnose by using unique AI models and patient-centric structure. It creates treatment plans for expert evaluations, creates allergenic and practical warnings for treatment, and tracks the patient side.

Clinic 5.0 platform decreases the expert interval, increases the success of treatment, downgrade the malpractice risk, increases efficiency.